3 Reasons To Keep Logging During The Holidays

Roasted chestnuts, candy canes, egg nog, and figgy pudding – the holidays are here, along with all their delicious foods!

During the holiday season, as we travel and spend time with family and loved ones, it can be tempting to put our health and fitness goals on hold. 

If logging your food intake for tracking nutrition has been a part of your wellness journey, the holidays can provide a real test to your resolve!

While most nutrition logging apps only take 1-2 minutes to enter foods eaten each day, seeing our Calorie totals creep into 3 and 4 thousands can be quite discouraging! 

While it might be tempting to put your logging practice on hold for the last few weeks of the year, here are the top three reasons to forge ahead! 


#1. Operate in Truth 

For those of us who log nutrition, it is natural to want to log our “clean” days and hide our “embarrassing” days. 

However, this can skew our sense of truth and accountability.  

Without logging your “embarrassing” days, your 30-Day Net Calorie Average(1) could show you are in a Calorie deficit(2), while you may not be showing any physical progress.   

A situation like this can be extremely harmful to self-esteem as we can begin to think dangerous thoughts like, “Maybe my body just can’t lose the weight,” or “this program may not be for me.” In reality, by hiding our embarrassing days, we are not operating in truth. 

Conversely, by logging our “embarrassing” days, our 30-Day Net Calorie Average may show we are actually in Calorie surplus(3)! 

When we can see our accurate nutrition stats, we better understand that any lack of progress may not be our inability to lose weight, but rather a simple result of the foods we have eaten. 

By operating in truth, we can blame ourselves less and better understand the physics of cause and effect. 

(For what it’s worthFrom experience, I can attest to the fact that Tari App will let you log ten chocolate chip cookies for dessert! ; )


#2. Fight Perfectionism 

Tari App provides some amazing accountability features allowing your friends and coaches to see your food logs, helping keep you accountable to your goals. 

For us perfectionists, this can create quite the dilemma! 

Not only do we intrinsically want to achieve our daily goals in Tari App, but now we have friends and family watching, too!  

This predicament can cause us to freeze and not want to log any meals that fall short of perfection, but continuing the habit of logging is more important than the need to have perfect logs

Consciously entering meals in Tari App when you know they are far from perfect is a great way to train your anti-perfectionism muscle! 


#3. Keep The Momentum 

Regardless of whether you set specific New Year’s Resolutions or not, the new year does provide an excellent opportunity to reset our healthful habits. 

However, by continuing your nutrition logging practice through the holidays, you can harness the power of momentum! 

Starting over can very challenging, whereas continuing a daily habit is much more comfortable. 

The most natural habits to stick to are the habits you perform every day. Daily habits become automatic. 

When you think about the things you do every day: waking up, brushing your teeth, eating, sleeping, etc., these are all daily behaviors. By performing an act every day, we begin to behave this way automatically. 

By continuing to log over the holidays, you can keep your streak alive and go into the new year without fighting the enigma of starting over

So good, bad, or ugly, keep logging, friend! We’ll be right beside you, blushing all the way!


(1) 30-Day Net Calorie Average – The daily average of Net Calories over a 30-day period. Net Calories = (Calories eaten – Calories burned). 

(2) Calorie deficit – Burning more Calories than you ingest, leading to weight loss over a period of time.

(3) Calorie surplus – Ingesting more Calories than your burn, leading to weight gain over a period of time.  

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