Top 7 Benefits Of Exercise

It’s 2020, and you would not think that exercise needs a sales pitch!  

Most of us are aware that our lives would be healthier and happier if we were more disciplined and exercised more often. 

The problem is, we don’t realize quite how incredible our lives would be if we maintained a daily exercise routine.  

If we had the benefit of a time machine that could project us one year into the future after a year of consistent exercise, we would likely be blown away by the way we look, the energy we have, and the way we feel about ourself. 

Some of us have experienced this amazing transformation at some point in our lives. For others, we can only rely upon the testimonies of others who have preached how daily exercise is the ultimate elixir of happiness and vitality.  

For those who have never experienced this magic or bought into the testimonies of others, here is a list of the top seven benefits of exercise!  

#1. Be Sexy  

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your stomach, or build guns and buns of steel, exercise makes you sexy! 

Exercise helps us burn calories, which, in turn, helps us lose weight. Exercise burns calories not only during your workout but even after your workout is complete. People who work out regularly have a higher metabolism, which means they burn more calories than those who do not work out. 

#2. Build Strength, Stamina, & Flexibility

Exercise also helps you expand your physical abilities! Different exercises improve different physical abilities. Running will increase your stamina and cardiovascular health. Working with weights will increase your physical strength. Exercises like yoga or pilates can help you increase your coordination, flexibility, and balance. 

What physical abilities would you like to have more of in your life? 

Exercise can help! It is always important to pick a type of exercise that will help you improve the physical abilities that will help you most with your goals.  

#3. Bounce Around With More Energy 

Exercise improves your energy levels by increasing circulation and cardiovascular health. This allows your heart to pump oxygen more efficiently to all of your tissues. Oxygen in our tissues is what gives us energy and stamina. 

Where could you use more energy? At work? With your friends? With your hobbies? Daily exercise is like an ongoing drip of coffee, minus the teeth stains! 

#4. Reduce Disease & Live Longer 

As humans, we were created to MOVE!!! When we don’t move, our bodies can become sick. Exercise has been proven to drastically reduce heart disease, diabetes, asthma, back pain, arthritis, cancer, and dementia – to name a few! 

Want more info? Dive into this great article from the Mayo Clinic: Exercise and chronic disease: Get the facts

#5. Improve Mental Clarity & Memory

Regular exercise also helps in boosting brain functions and mental clarity while protecting memory. 

By improving heart rate, exercise increases blood and oxygen supply to the brain. In addition, the release of hormones boosts the growth and development of brain cells. Proteins, as well as other chemicals released during exercising, boosts the structure and function of brain cells. 

Regular exercise helps in restoring brain activity in older adults, which tends to diminish due to inflammation and oxidative stress.

#6. Have More Fun!

Have you ever missed out on an activity with friends or family because you didn’t feel that you were “in shape”? 

Have you ever sat on the sideline of a game? Missed out on a hike? Didn’t feel confident enough in a bathing suit to go to the pool? Or the beach? 

Live is meant to be lived through movement and activity. 

When you exercise, you have the confidence to join friends and family for fun, physical activities. Even working out with friends can be fun! In short, exercise! And your life will be more fun! : ) 

#7. Be A Confident Tiger 

There are so many things in our lives that we cannot control. 

Exercise is one thing that we can. We can get to the gym. We can go for a run. We can lift the weight. With exercise, we control the action.

In addition to the physical, mental, and energetic benefits you will receive from exercise, you will also begin to train your mind that you can. You will begin to train your mind that you are in control. And the confidence you will gain from those repetitive actions will set your soul on fire

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