You Can Only Have A Healthy Life If…

It is common for movement to correlate to age and decline as we age. 

A young toddler, full of life and energy, cannot stop moving (much to the dismay of its parents)!  

A teenager may move less than a toddler. But between studying, traveling, spending time with friends, and enjoying active hobbies, they tend to stay on the go. 

A young adult may move less than a teenager but may be either practicing healthy movement in the bedroom by attempting to create a family or already has a family and is chasing their young ones around. 

A middle-aged adult may move less than a young adult. With the kids gone, they may be ready to relax! Perhaps they have settled into their career and do less active hobbies since they are “not as young as they once were!”

An older senior may move much less than the middle-aged adult. They may suffer from some aches and pains and may move only when needed, shuffling from the living room to the kitchen to heat up dinner. They may move less than 200 total feet on any given day. 

Ultimately, the complete lack of all movement comes with the final call of death. 

It would seem to correlate that as we get older, and with each passing year, we move less and less. 

It is along this same timeline that our body seems to decline in condition and efficiency. Our metabolism slows down, we may not have as much energy as we once did, and we may start to experience some aches and pains or stiffness. 

Could it be that our declining health could be more a result of declining movement and not as much from an increasing age? 

We have all have read stories about a lady in her 80s running a marathon. Maybe we know that a senior that still tends their garden or attends yoga class. Maybe you have a middle-aged friend that is “always on the go” and could be described as being “full of life.”

These types of people defy their age. These types of people tend to live by the saying we have all heard that “age is just a number.” 

For these types of people, movement is a better barometer for life and vitality than the year on their birth certificate

Our bodies are designed by our creator to move. 

When we move, our muscles stretch and flex. When we move, the blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to all of our tissues circulates better. When we move, hormone production is stimulation, boosting our metabolism, mood, and mental well-being. 

Increased movement is correlated with improving essentially every body system and reducing all lifestyle-related diseases. 

But movement is not just exercise

Movement is how much you stand and walk on any given day. Movement is how much you intuitively stretch if you are feeling stiff. Movement is the chores you do around the house. Movement is the active hobbies you partake in like walking, hiking, biking, or playing sports. Even leaving the house to go meet up with friends or go to a family barbeque is categorized as movement. 

While moving is great, the ultimate goal is to love moving your body. 

 You really can only have a healthy life if…. 

You learn to genuinely and sincerely love moving your body.  

When you genuinely love moving your body, you won’t sit too long. You will have to get up and stretch or walk, not because your FitBit or Apple Watch told you to. You will just want to do it. 

When you genuinely love moving your body, you will naturally start surrounding yourself with other people that are constantly on the go and live healthy lives.

When you genuinely love moving your body, you may start taking on new hobbies or activities that get you out of the house. 

When you genuinely love moving your body you may find yourself wanting to exercise and break a sweat. It may even start to feel like something is missing if you haven’t exercised in a while. 

When you genuinely love moving your body, better health will come to you naturally. 

An active state may not be your current status quo, and you may even have negative feelings towards “exercise.” That is OK. Science shows that the more we move, the better we feel, and the more we want to move. 

If you are not currently very active, it is not necessary to start an intense exercise regimen. It is important, however, to find as many avenues possible to move in enjoyable ways. This will lead to a budding romance with movement and perhaps down the road, even an exercise regimen you come to crave. 

So go for a walk. Break a sweat. Go dance. Dance at home. Dance in your underwear. Play. Ride a bike. Go meet up with a friend. Go on a date. Make love. Travel. Stretch. Find a type of exercise you enjoy. Fill your lungs up with life-giving oxygen. 

Just move! 

You will have plenty of time to rest when you’re dead. 


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